How It Works

How it Works

The redfish system is an on-demand solution that gives you complete visibility over your nurseries anytime and anywhere, with a simple monthly payment and no big upfront charges. All you need to access the system is an internet connection.

The system is user friendly; having everything you need at your fingertips. Your homepage provides a snap shot of your current position, including key information such as starters, leavers, occupancy, income and debt management.


Our approach

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Tech specs

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At redfish, we will have a dedicated project manager to work alongside your own project team. We have extensive experience of managing all sizes of roll-outs and our team are aware of the hurdles we may have to face and how to get over them.

By working alongside your project team we will be able to gain a better understanding of your business, the processes you use and your approach to operational decisions.

We can then offer advice on how the system will meet and improve those processes and enhance your business decision-making.

Once implemented, our project management team will support you in the testing of our system. We recommend an approach that identifies any issues as early as possible. We will work with you to identify potentially complicated nurseries. The complexities can be varied in nature, the most common issues being:

  • High volume of non-standard booking patterns or fees.
  • High volume of ad hoc discounts.
  • Non-standard funding rules.
  • Non-standard nursery time windows (midday gaps, variable session lengths).

Training is offered at three levels, allowing us to provide bespoke training to the user’s level:

  • Nursery Management
  • Finance Team
  • Operations Team

We understand that businesses like to have their own trainers, training their own people using recognised company language. We therefore encourage you to adopt Super-Users. Super-Users would receive a detailed training course to give them a full understanding of the system. Training is based around providing an introduction to the system and it’s functionality followed by hands on use of the system with scenarios to ensure the Super User has a comprehensive understanding of the power and functionality of the system.

All of our trainers have an extensive knowledge of all areas of the system and have been involved with the conception of redfish from the very beginning.

We are a forward-thinking company and we adopt a very agile business development model. This allows for review and refinement of the redfish system.

We adopt a goal-driven approach to the development of our system; rather than using a specification led model we want you to tell us what you want the system to help you achieve so we can improve it with tangible results.

We work closely with our User Forum to seek development ideas; we then put them through their paces to continuously keep redfish evolving to work for you!

The techie bit


Web Based

The redfish nursery management system is a web-based hosted system that has been developed to allow the user remote access. Managers and owners can access data from home – out of hours, from another office or even from the beach!

Our system has successfully gone through rigorous performance and penetration tests by an independent external company, ensuring the remote access is both functional and secure.

Since redfish is “Software as a Service” the only hardware you need is a desktop pc, laptop or even just an iPad or tablet with access to the Internet.

Data Transfer

Moving your business to the redfish system is painless and hassle-free. We utilise the existing reports that you have available on your current system and put the information into the redfish system; import scripts are then prepared to convert it into our data interchange format (XML) ready to be imported into the redfish system.

For the techies among you that means that as part of the standard data migration we would undertake the following actions:

    • Extraction of data from the current system.


    • Conversion of extracted data to the redfish data interchange format.


    • Configuration of each nursery in the system (basic nursery information, rooms, fees etc).


    • Import of data, including spot checks of 5% child records.


    • Full validation of data imported; register checks, fee checks, and room assignments.


    • Merge of siblings.


    • Import of opening balances.


    • Import of direct debit instructions.


  • Import of direct debit values.

Full validation of data imported; register checks, fee checks, and room assignments can be provided if required. We encourage customers to work with us to audit both their data and discount structures as part of this process.


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